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Dear Mike,

I have enclosed my check for the well digging.

The water is excellent and I appreciate your going "down" for the best, as it were.  I believe this is much better water than I had before.  I notice no odor or aftertaste - it will be especially nice if it doesn't turn my hair golden......

I appreciate the fact that your staff was considerate with my neighbor's property and my own.  I believe I will need to do very little landscaping for eithe rof us, come the spring.  I may end up loosing the large tree by the side of the house since Fairbairn's had to go around the side to the back of the house to hook everything up and had to dig deep by the roots, rather than coming via the front.....at any rate, I think your team was extra careful in coming into the site, and I wanted to say thank you.

I am pleased with the final results and having water.  I hope never to go through this experience again, but if I do, I am prepared!!

Joyce Vanderhoof


Thanks for all your help - Great Job

Dear Mr. Ramsby:

Thank you very much for the assistance you have given us on the monitoring of our well at our new golf course.  Our check in the amount of $####.## is attached, and again I appreciate your assisting us with this. We may be calling on you again.  We will see, but we are most grateful.

Very sincerely,


Mike Ramsby -

Thanks for a fine job!

Craig & Peg Oppoulander

Sorry, we went out boating last Friday with our kids and missed your visit.

Thank you for a prompt efficient job!

Nice Job.  Thanks

Thanks for a great job - and friendly crews.  Question - when the pump cycles on and off, the pressure tank (and attached pipes) move about 3/8"-1/2".  Is that any concern?

Thank you very much on a great job - will let you know how the water tastes.

Jane Rose


Bob & I would like to say Thank You again to you and your crew for the special attention, time & effort you gave to us and our problem.  The water has cleared up completely now and the production is the same if not better.  My washing machine is even working fine now!


Bob & Michele Lyle


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