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Thank you so much for your prompt attention of my problem.
Dear Mike,

You have good men working for you - the drillers were very nice as was "Bill" (I think was his name) on the water system installation.

I shall need step by step instructions on winterizing this new system.  I shall appreciate it if you would furnish that to me.  After 25 yrs. of using the community well to which I have legal right to + knowing what steps were necessary there, this new system is a whole different "animal"!

Soon, I will be contacting Chuck Hoffman to see how I will collect from one Mrs. D Davis for her illegal deprivation of water to me.


Dorothy Remsbury

Thank you very much for your patience.  Also thanks to a very nice crew who answered all my questions and even didn't mind my dogs!
Mike -

Thank you a bunch for bailing me out again.  This is the last time I try to diagnose my wells problems.  - From now on your the doctor -(or your men.) -

Bill Yarlott

Thanks for all the extra work you did to make our system work.  I did not get a chance to try it yet but will keep in touch!!  Walt
Dear Mike -

I am very greatful to you for that repair you made last week your a savior I really appreciate the help!



Jim and I sure appreciated your promptness in getting our well put in.

Sue Reid

Thanks for the prompt service!
Mike & crew

Thank you for a job well done!

Doug Beer

I'm very happy.

Mr Ramsby

Many Thanks

Georgianna Couse


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