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Frequently Asked Questions

Ramsby Questions

How early in the year can you drill?

Unless your jobsite is on a Class A road, we can't drill until the weight restrictions go off the roads in the spring.  This is usually early to mid-April, depending upon the severity of the winter and the amount of frost under the road beds.  When the weight restrictions are lifted, and which roads are affected is determined by the County Road Commission.

How late in the year can you drill?

As the entire well construction process is water oriented, we try to have all drilling completed by the end of the year when the temperature begins to stay below freezing on a full time basis.

Do I need to have a power supply on my property?

No.  The drilling process does not require the use of electricity.  If power is not available when the pumping system is installed, our hoist truck is equipped with a generator to test run the system.

Ramsby Questions

At what point will you need access to the house?

The drilling crew does not need access to your house; the pump crew does need access in order to set the tank, test run and chlorinate the system, etc.

Will I have running water when the drilling rig leaves?

No.  Your water system is installed in 2 steps.  First the well is drilled.  After the well is completely developed, the pump crew will come and install the pump in your well, trench a waterline to the house and set the pressure tank in your basement or crawl space.  The 2 steps are not necessarily a back to back operation and sometimes a few days can lapse between the two.

Ramsby Questions

How long is the waiting list?

During the busiest periods of the building season (early spring when the weight restrictions are lifted and early fall) the waiting list can be as long as 4 - 6 weeks.

How much does a new well and pumping system cost?

Many factors combine to determine the cost.  Most importantly are how many gallons per minute (gpm) are required, what depth a suitable aquifer (the geological strata containing the water) is at your specific location, the complexity of getting the water from the well to your house (distance, routing, etc.), and what, if any, ecological concerns must be contended with.  For these reasons, it is nearly impossible to provide an estimate without a site visit and consultation with you or your agent.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Discover Card, money order, company check, personal check, and even cash green money.

How do I get on your "LIST" to have a well drilled?

  1. Return signed Drilling Contractor copy (white) of Estimate/Work Order form.
  2. Return copy of your well permit.  We must have a copy of the ACTUAL PERMIT, not an application for permit or payment receipt.  Permits are not issued at time of payment - a site visit by a sanitarian is required before a permit is issued.

    *  If you have not yet obtained a permit, it is highly recommended that you return the Estimate/Work Order form to get your name on the waiting list and forward a copy of the permit once you have received it. Permit applications are available from Health Department websites. Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Alpena & Montmorency Counties: www.dhd4.org .... Antrim, Charlevoix,Emmet & Otsego Counties: www.nwhealth.org